Mini restaurants

I just want to share some of my experiences with restaurants. It will not be very nice …. But here it comes.

Often when I visit restaurants, I try to fold myself into one of the chairs that are always way too small. The seat is too short and the backrest too low. Not to mention the tables! Man!! I always crash my knees into the chassis under the table and that edge under there is also terrible. More often than not restaurants will try to shove as many people as possible into their restaurant, leaving less than a meter between you and your neighbors that are also trying to enjoy their meal.

Not only does it feel that the tables are taken directly from a doll house, the feeling of being seated so close to your neighbors is quite annoying. You can hear every word of every conversation around you. But worse, they can hear every word you say too! This is not only unpleasant for tall people.. Nobody likes that.

Im avoiding restaurants with this type of floor plan. I want to be able to enjoy my meal in peace. I do not want to bump my knees into anything and i want a spacious chair. Also, I would really like some room ON the table as well so I don’t get the idea I’m dining in a doll house.

I wonder if restaurants could try just a bit harder for taller people. They could at least put one  big table with high chairs in their restaurant.! When they are then visited by a tall family or group of friends, these customers can enjoy a nice evening just as well as other customers can.

I can hear you think; What if a reservation is done by phone? Then they can’t see how tall someone is. I think that if someone is tall, they can say so themselves, and reservate the table for tall-people.

It would be wonderful if the catering industry would respond to this need.

Maybe the bigger hotel franchises could light the way for other restaurant and catering businesses. Luckily, there are restaurants that DO cater to taller people, but sadly there are not that many.

There, that’s out of my system! What do you think of the idea to place higher chairs and tables in restaurants?

Do you have any ideas of your own that would contribute to fixing the restaurant problem for us? Or do you have a good story of your own on the subject?

Let us know and share in the comments.

Love, Mirjam


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