The saying; ‘seek and you shall find’ didn’t just appear out of thin air. But if you do not seek, will you never find? It would be easy though, but I was always taught that nothing comes from nothing. Courage attracts, and it takes some courage to find what you want.

The other day, I heard someone say; ‘What can love, dares to try love!’ Lets think about it. ‘Dare’ is the key word here, for many of you to put those first few steps towards love, ‘the one’, or just a first date.

The biggest obstacle is the fear of rejection. Remember, YOU can also reject YOUR friend. Not just the other way around! I hear people talk about this fear all the time!

I know people who have no problem with being rejected, and I know people who’s fear of rejection prevents them from even saying ‘hey’ to a woman or man they are interested in.

Those of you who are not scared easily, know dating can be lots of fun! You see it as a sport or a game.

Those who do feel anxious when it comes to dating can feel that dating is something horrible with all sorts of dangers to your emotional well-being.

My advice to you fearful people: Get out there and date a lot and often! Only this way you will find that – your still in tact after a date, no one torn you apart and has eaten you alive!!!!no matter if the date went well or very bad – you will get through it,  and in one piece.

With every date it becomes easier and before you know it you’re not dragging yourself with a 100 kilo loaden legs feeling,  to that chosen restaurant.

No its the opposite!!!  You will find yourself skipping confidently into the restaurant because you have EXPERIENCE! This experience tells you that you’re still here and . . . in one piece!

On to the next date to find out whether this person is a good match.

What can love, dares to try love! 

Dare to love, for you too deserve love. You too can give and receive love.

I’d say: TAKE A CHANCE!!! You’re worth it!

And when you do find that special someone and good things start to happen, such as a marriage for instance….. (you have my e-mail address, right? Hahaha) 


Love Mirjam

(More blogs about dating in the future)


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