Hide, or dare to be yourself.!

When I was still a young sixteen year old flower – not that I have in any way been watching from the sidelines how the world goes by for years now – I thought it was awful being tall. I never wore high heels, careful to never stand out. Dull clothes were kind of my thing and when I went clubbing with my friends, I tried to not get my dance moves noticed on the dance floor. The fact that I was world’s worst dancer is of course beside the point..

Fitness and theater appealed to me, but I couldn’t find the courage to sign up. Fitness was a ‘no go’ because I thought people would find my tall body ridiculous. Also afraid that everyone would stare, making me the joke of the gym.

Theater was no option because I had convinced myself that all my counterparts would be shorter. Just imagine me playing the role of someone’s partner, when the other was much shorter. ..And what if I had to kiss him?!

Numerous scary scenarios went through my mind, so I did… nothing.

I had a bad case of that ‘hiding-syndrome’ for a long time, but thankfully that time has long passed. I’m actually very happy with my height now.

The other day I was wondering how that came to be. How is it that I dare to do these kinds of things now and no longer hide?!. Let’s see.

My age has to do with it in the first place. I gained in confidence and learned to care less about what others think of me. Their loss if they don’t like me.

Striking is that, in recent years, people have gotten taller and I realize that I’m not nearly the tallest person around anymore.

What also helped was just to go out and do things I normally would never do. It requires some courage, but it sure did help!!!

I put on high heels and behold; people loved it! I danced unrestrained on the dance floor AND i wasn’t dragged out under police escort. (It is still a miracle.) Hahahaha. !!

Casually talking to people was also scary, but guess what? Nine out of ten times I ended up having a nice conversation. Of course, there will always be those who are just horrible, but they would have been horrible to anyone regardless of their height.

What I’m trying to say is that most people will like you for who you are.

A statement like ‘life is one big party, but you have to do the decorating yourself’ certainly applied to me (without the help of a chair, because I had no problem reaching hahahaha).

Have you also overcome your struggle with your height? Then please share your story and e-mail me. Perhaps I will post your story on the website!

Love, Mirjam

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