The love of your life

What is the love of your life, and does such a thing even exist? What does it look like and how does it feel? People have to grow, and grow into their respective roles as partners. The more years bent into shape together, the stronger the bond between two people. There are also people who claim that “the click” was what made them so in love. They immediately found common ground, similar humor and hobbies, causing a strong click to be formed very quickly.

There are many thoughts, speculations, and beliefs about what the “love of your life” must include or be. Sometimes I wish it were a bit easier.

Let’s have a look at the animal kingdom. (No, this is not turning into a biology class!) I only find it fascinating that they do not complicate things as much as we do. The animal with the brightest colors or the strongest male often gets the female. Maybe after this sentence a few people will think: .. Ahhhaaa off to the gym and I’m in. !!!

Well, let nip that thought in the bud. It is nice that you are muscular and strong but strength is also a character trait, of course. Look, people have a less

basal approach to finding a partner than animals (although it would make things a lot easier).

We also share a lot of similarities with the animal kingdom. ! Really! For example, we can also fall head over heels for certain types.

Whether someone is muscular, intelligent, smells nice, or has a keen sense of humor. All traits can all be huge triggers for different people. It is just a matter of what you fall for. We can even fall for the less positive things of a person. Just think of ego or sarcasm, or even disinterest. Something inside tells you that you are falling for this person.

I do not know exactly how it all works, but the beauty in these examples is that it is so personal for everyone. Someone who tells me that he finds something perfect or sees something perfect, I always find so short-sighted.

What is perfect for one is perhaps very imperfect for the other. Perfection is personal. So people, do not listen too much to what is currently considered as perfect on social media. I’m just saying!

I believe that the person you fall for can give you something you need in your life. This can be humor, safety, attention, discipline, hope, and of course love.

Is there such a thing as the Love of your life? I leave the answer to you, because I really do not know. I just hope you find love! In my mind, nothing is more beautiful than love. And if that love then is , “of your life,” it can’t get any better.

Love, Mirjam

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